Advanced Design & Prototyping

Our design staff has more than 75 years of cumulative rack design experience. Through our “best design” methodologies, we can solve your difficult plating rack or metal fabrication issues.  Additionally, we can design and fabricate racks with or without a part.  Simply send us a print, CAD, or eDrawing and we can design a prototype in about one week.  Save money and lead time by sending us your requirements electronically.  We can import most common data files for design via our secure ftp site.

Rack Processing


When you bring together the latest in technology with the brightest employees in the business, the result is unmatched value.  Our staff works with the largest and most sophisticated plating-on-plastics companies in the World.  We recognize the importance of understanding your process as well as the requirements of each part being plated.  Our racks maximize tank work space while taking into consideration current distribution and minimizing shadowing.  Whether you are looking to purchase one rack or one thousand, we can meet your requirements efficiently.


Bleed out from plating cycles, broken contacts and cracked plastisol coating all lead to scrap parts and lost production.  Send us your racks for repair.  Based on your needs and budget, we can do minor or major repairs to your racks.  If your damaged racks aren’t economical to repair, we can provide a quote to build new.

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